The structure at Monson allows for both a "Performance pathway" to fast track those athletes who are able and want to compete at an elite level from a young age and a "Club Pathway" for a more fitness based or social track, to enjoy training and competing at a reduced intensity. Each swimmer develops at a different pace from a practical height perspective, a maturity to training and the general desire to swim competitively and swimmers can move between the pathways at any point, with their coach's support.



This is a new squad that has been introduced for a more efficient entry into our Rookies program. It will be a technical session held once a week and is in addition to the normal swim school lesson. Swimmers should be encouraged to enter Club Championships and Level 4 meets.


Four sessions a week focused on technical instruction with an introduction to aerobic training holding best skills. Swimmers are encouraged to enter Club Championships and level 3 & 4 meets.  From this squad swimmers can progress into the Development pathway or the Junior Club program dependant on potential and commitment. The more advanced swimmer could represent the club in one of the various leagues.


Offers two sessions a week to support those swimmers that only wants to train or compete at club level for mostly fitness.  Junior Plus is a new squad for swimmers that are late in their development, learned to swim later than their peers or simply found it difficult at a young age. This squad gives the swimmer additional pool time to hopefully catch up and enter the performance pathway. Swimmers are encouraged to participate in the Club Championships and local Level 3/4 meets.

Development/ Development Plus:

Is our first squad that starts to identify as a Performance pathway. It has 6 sessions a week based on a technical aerobic overload program. For those showing potential we have Development plus that expedites progress to the advanced squads. Many swimmers will participate for the club in league swimming of various levels. Swimmers are encouraged to compete on a regular basis up to and including Level 2 meets. Advanced technical skills are introduced.

Age/Age Plus:

Is our advanced program for swimmers up to the age of 14. Swimmers have been identified over a period of time on their commitment and attitude towards performance, up to and including English National level. The technical aerobic theme continues but the training philosophies focus on the 200 IM and 200 Free events. Race planning is introduced, with advanced knowledge taught on nutrition, land work and mobility. Nearly all swimmers will represent the club in league swimming and are expected to race up to and including Level 1 meets on a regular basis. The Age plus program has been introduced for those that are being fast tracked to high performance levels. There are 6 sessions a week available for the Age swimmer and a further session for the Age plus athlete.

Senior/Senior Plus:

The Senior squad have 5 sessions per week available and is aimed at the swimmer who for various reason has not progressed yet to the Performance pathway, or has stepped down as they have reached their individual potential but want to retain fitness on various levels. It is hoped that swimmers will still represent the club and compete at local meets and club championships. The Senior plus squad has been introduced for the late developers and to keep the door open for any athlete to get back into the performance pathway. All energy systems are trained.


Our Performance is for swimmers that aim to compete at National level and above. Swimmers have been identified over a long period of time to be selected for this prodigious squad. Full commitment is expected, and swimmers are prepared to race at the highest level. All swimmers will compete for the club in leagues and relays at national level. Swimmers are required to give beyond the norm and will put the club first before all other sports. Swimmers are expected to train 9 sessions a week from the 10 available. A land-based program can be done on an individual basis. Swimmers will have specific events identified for them to target. 

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