Club Championships 2016

The Final results of the Club Championships are below


Decathlon Results Men
Decathlon Results Women

Pentathlon Results Men
Pentathlon Results Women 

Results of individual events.

50m Freestyle Men
50m Freestyle Women  
100m Freestyle Men  
100m Freestyle Women
200m Freestyle Men
200m Freestyle Women  
400m Freestyle Men
400m Freestyle Women
800m Freestyle Men  
800m Freestyle Women
1500m Freestyle Men
1500m Freestyle Women

50m Breaststroke Men
50m Breaststroke Women  
100m Breaststroke Men  
100m Breaststroke Women  
200m Breaststroke Men
200m Breaststroke Women

50m Backstroke Men  
50m Backstroke Women
100m Backstroke Men
100m Backstroke Women  
200m Backstroke Men
200m Backstroke Women

50m Butterfly Men  
50m Butterfly Women
100m Butterfly Men
100m Butterfly Women
200m Butterfly Men  
200m Butterfly Women

100m IM Men
100m IM Women  
200m IM Men
200m IM Women  
400 IM Men
400 IM Women

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