RTW Monson Swim Clinics & Camps

Summer 2020 Clinics & Courses:


Our RTW Monson Summer programme is led by some of our most experienced Monson Squad Coaches, who are fully qualified swimming teachers and lifeguards. We will be strictly following all relevant Government and Swim England guidelines related to Covid-19. This means for example, less swimmers than our usual quotas, cleaning between sessions and strict social distancing protocols in place. Unfortunately, if courses do not make our minimum numbers we will have to cancel and offer an alternative or full refund.

All courses are available for the following weeks:

Week 1: Commencing Mon 27th July

Week 2: Commencing Mon 3rd August

Week 3: Commencing Mon 10th August

Week 4: Commencing Mon 17th August

1. 3-day Swim School Courses (Mon-Wed):

  • 3x 30-minute lessons
  • Over 3 Consecutive Days (Monday-Wednesday)
  • Working on Front Crawl, Breaststroke and Backstroke

2. Thursday Group Skills Clinics for RTW Squad Members:

  • 1-hour masterclasses to brush up on technique after the long break

3. 2:2:1 3-day courses (Mon-Wed):

  • 2 swimmers, 1 instructor over 3 consecutive days to focus on technical improvement

4. 1:2:1 Available on Thursdays.

  • 1 swimmer per coach, with your choice of focus

Venue: The Schools at Somerhill, TN11 0NJ 


Course NameTime of lessonDays RunningCostSwimmers per Instructor
Swim Stage 5 & 6 (3-day Course)09:00-9:30Mon to Wed36 (3-days)                8
Swim Stage 5 & 6 (3-day Course)13:30-14:00Mon to Wed36 (3-days)                8
Swim Stage 7 & 8 (3-day Course)09:45-10:15Mon to Wed36 (3-days)                8
Swim Stage 7 & 8 (3-day Course)14:15-14:45Mon to Wed36 (3-days)                8
2:2:1 (3-day course)10:30-11:00Mon to Wed55 (3 days)                2
2:2:1 (3-day course)15:00-15:30Mon to Wed55 (3 days)                2
1:2:1 (30-minute Slot)11:30-12:00Thursdays Only30 per slot                1
1:2:1 (30-minute Slot)14:45-15:15Thursdays Only30 per slot                1
Group Clinic: Age/Senior09:00-10:00Thursdays Only25 (1 hr clinic)                16
Group Clinic: Development/Junior +10:15-11:15Thursdays Only25 (1 hr clinic)                16
Group Clinic: Rookies/Junior13:30-14:30Thursdays Only25 (1 hr clinic)                16
  • Lizzie Simmonds Back Stroke Masterclass 2019
    Lizzie Simmonds Back Stroke Masterclass 2019

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