Our Officials

We are very lucky to have amazing support from many parents of both current and former Monson swimmers, who have trained to be ASA officials and who help out at galas and meets. Without them we would not be able to hold or attend events, as we need a certain number and level of officials to obtain a licence. Please consider becoming an official, it can be a great way to give back to the club and make the hours spent at galas go so much quicker! Training to become a J1 is now available online. For more information about officiating please visit the British Swimming Officials page.

debbie2 Graeme Bayley -Referee

debbie2Andre Wessels -Referee

debbie2Matt Edwards -Trainee Referee

debbie2Jeremy Whiting -J2S

debbie2 Julia Peat -J2

Jan Annan -J2

Linda El-Mokadem -J2 Trainee


Sarah Bridges -J1

debbie2 Sonia Hobbs -J1

debbie2Dave Mahon -J1

debbie2Vicky Turton -J1

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