Our Officials

We are very pleased to have excellent support from many parents of both current and former Monson swimmers, who have trained to be ASA officials and who help out at licensed open meets. 

debbie2Wendy Dray - J2S

debbie2 Graeme Bayley - Referee

debbie2Andre Wessels - J2S

debbie2Kev Devonport - J2S

debbie2Cathy Wynne - Judge

debbie2Daphne Geer - Judge

debbie2Ann Hunt - Judge


Sue Solomon - J1


Sarah Bridges - J1

debbie2Alison Gentry - J1

debbie2Matt Edwards - J1

debbie2 Sonia Hobbs - J1

debbie2Jeni Reeves - J1 trainee

debbie2Arna Sneddon - J1 trainee

debbie2Maria Musgrove-Wethey - J1 trainee

debbie2 Julia Peat - J1

debbie2Helen Friend - J1 trainee

debbie2Rachael Jepps - J1 trainee

debbie2Dave Mahon - J1 trainee

debbie2Daan Gerretsen - J1

debbie2Vicky Turton - J1 trainee

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