Senior Club Squad

This squad is for swimmers of 15 years and above who wish to partake in an organised swim training session for fitness, skill, and social reasons or to fulfil the obligations of school Academic programmes. 


  • To maintain and improve fitness and skills levels. 
  • To achieve any desired levels required for Academic qualifications. 
  • To build the swimmers discipline and commitment Level. 

Selection Criteria 

  • Commitment to training and swimming as a sport and a desire and commitment to maintain or improve performance and periodically take part in time trials/competition in order to test oneself. 
  • Swimmers will be 15 years or above. 

At the start of each season swimmers will be selected and invited/re-invited to join the Senior Club Squad (squad) by the Director of Swimming based on: Attitude, Discipline, Desire to maintain/improve fitness, improve skill levels and periodically compete, Competition performance.  

It must be understood that there is no divine right to a place in this squad based on any criteria other than those above. 

Squad place maintenance - Swimmers must: 

  • Continue to show a positive attitude and commit fully to the squad sessions and criteria.
  • Compete in Club Time Trials. 
  • Compete in the Junior Club Section of the club Championships in all categories. 
  • Represent the club in team competitions when selected 
  • Abide by the RTW Monson swimmers code of conduct and other squad rules or conditions that the Director of Swimming may impose. 

Should a swimmer be unable to achieve the conditions required for squad place maintenance the Director of swimming will discuss with the swimmer what action can be taken to get the swimmer back on track. If this cannot be achieved a place in the Senior Club squad will then be offered as an alternative. 

Swimmers will not be re-invited back into the squad at the start of the following season if they do not meet the selection criteria outlined above. 

Competition focus 

  • Club time trials
  • Club Championships
  • Level 3/4 Open Meets

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