Monson prides itself on the development of home grown talent, with many swimmers progressing through the Monson Academy, our Skills Development area, onto our elite squads and Championship success.  It should be understood that this is not a given and hard work and commitment on the part of both the swimmer and their family is required to achieve the next level.

To support this vision, Monson has implemented a progressive and challenging Academy squad system in the skills area to support the development of those talented swimmers who wish to aim higher, in line with well researched Long Term Athlete Development principles.  Monson supports this development approach with the appropriate amount of pool time, contact coaching and exposure to various training sets and drills commensurate with swimmers' age and ability, to enable them to achieve the highest level of swimming to which they aspoire.

Monson appreciates, and swimmers and parents need to understand that while it is desirable in the early years for young swimmers to participate in a number of different activities, it is necessary for them to become more focused on swimming as they progress, if they are to stand a realistic chance of achieving.  Swimming  is an early specialisation sport (along with others such as gymnastics) and therefore this specialisation happens at an earlier stage than for example football or athletics.  Therefore other activities need to be scaled down in favour of swimming if swimmers are to progress through the Academy squads if they are to achieve in swimming.  

The minimum requirements of each Academy squad reflect this and before accepting any place in a Monson Academy Squad, parents and swimmers should decide if they are prepared to make the commitment required.

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